East Coast Weather

I woke up today to the news that we were flooded. There is an real stream running through our back yard. I always wanted a stream in the backyard. South of us people actually had to be evacuated from their homes and the water is 10 feet high in some places.

I think that they use any excuse around here to cancel school. I know that it is bad, but I drove to work just fine. Where I went to school in Colorado you had to be burried in your house before they would cancel school. I really hated that. Hope is happy to be home today. When I told her about school, she said “Yes!” with a long s.

Many of you have requested pictures of the kids and I swear, as soon as I find the camera, I will be posting them on a regular basis. I wanted to post one of the river running through our back yard, but I can’t find the camera. We are re-doing the large room off the kitchen to be our master bedroom. This leads to allot of chaos and disorganization in our house. As soon as I find the camera, I suppose I will have to post pictures of this as well.

I have marked some of you as contributors to this blog. This means that you too can post something here including pictures and videos. So feel free!

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