My mind is Elsewhere

I guess that this is as good a forum as any to say that my mind is wandering. Our lives are in such transition right now that I skip from one thing to the next and get myself all confused. So if you happen to call me and I sound spacey, it is because I am.

I have talked to other women who have children and they have the same issues. Some people say that after the second child your mind never completely comes back. It is like something is permanently altered in the brain. This is probably why older women are such bad drivers (sorry gals). I notice it in my mom. There can be no music, talking or movement when she is driving or she will inadvertantly run off the side of the road and hit something. Any sort of distraction at home will cause her to put her glasses in the oven to bake. For those of you who have lived at our house (you know who you are) she has gotten so much worse than she was.

I am sure I will end up as distracted and confused as my mom someday. Maybe sooner than I think.

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