What is the ROI on your life?

I talked to a friend of mine whom I used to work with in business. She said that she thought of me the other day after her car hydroplaned, crossed three lanes on the Taconic Parkway, bounced off the center guard and came to a stop.

I was pretty surprised to hear that she thought of me at that moment. We had been meeting allot to discuss business just before I decided to stop and she had noticed how stressed out I was. I know at that time, it was actually effecting me physically. She said that after that accident, she realized that she was heading down the same path that I took and she needs to make a change.

In business, we talk allot about the return on investment (ROI) for things like marketing costs. The general concept is, how much money are you getting back for what you put in? Are you even getting back what you put in? What is the quality of what you are getting back?

My friends comments made me stop to think about the return on investment of a life, specifically mine. Am I putting my energy into the things in life that are going to give me the most back. Not money, but happiness and fulfillment. What areas of my life could I put more effort into that will come back to me. One of the simplest things is to take time to appreciate the people around me and spend time with them instead of rushing off to do something. I think allot of us do get swept away in what we are doing and don’t take time to actually appreciate the moment or the people that we are doing it with.

What kind of energy and where you put it in your life determines allot of what you get back.


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  1. Posted by italybee on April 27, 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Andrea, I love your point about ROI. It is such an important reminder about life. Thank you for the thoughtfulness.
    My family has been through alot recently and we’re still not 100% in the clear (see below). What it’s taught us the most is that the -present moment- is the ONLY moment you ever truly have. The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet, so it’s the present, even down to just the exact moment of now, that we every truly have. So, I’ve been asking myself all the time these days, ‘how do I want to live this moment right now’? In a rush, crabby, going over to-do list, should-ing myself, or happy, feeling the sun on my skin, feeling inner peace? It’s been a great lesson because when I’ve been stressed, I have literally been working on focusing on my breath being calm and flowing instead of short and rushing aand focusing more on the positives in my life at that moment, and changing the way I experience that moment. It’s hard as hell, but helps.
    My Dad just had a heart procedure done yesturday that was highly complex… one slight wrong move of an instrument and he’d have to be rushed in for massive open-heart surgery. He came out of it great and is doing well (you’d have know idea he even had it, he is so chipper).
    On top of that, my mom just had a biopsy done of her breast due to something suspicious on her mammogram. You may have heard, but she just finished a full round of breast surgery, radiation, and chemo (for a year, hair loss, the whole deal – she found out she had breast cancer just after our wedding). So, here we are again and hopefully it’s treatable. But, instead of being filled with worry and all the ‘what if’ fears I could plague myself with, we’re all focusing on how we’d like to live these moments while we have them (choosing to focus on the good, since we have alot of it right now!)
    Anyway, I don’t mean to get too buddhist on ya… but, your ROI point brought it out of me. Hee.

  2. Posted by abloome on May 3, 2007 at 5:43 am

    I had no idea that your dad was ill. I am sorry to hear about both of them. They are positive people and that carries allot of weight. I know that your family will pull through and be stronger for it.

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