Getting back into the swing of things

Needed a break, but I will be back soon. We had a pretty good Holiday season. Selda was very sick before the holidays and we are happy that she has made it through her operation. She seems a little tired, but is getting back to her normal self, which means running circles around everyone.

I have been working part-time and I love it. Unfortunately, I think that it is temporary and they will ask me to come back to full-time. We will see what I can negotiate. I have been doing a bit of freelance. and It seems like there is a ton of work out there.

Hope is doing good in school and we are really proud of how she is improving in her reading. She is a bit of a devil and tries to push her limits with us whenever she can which worries me a bit.

Joey is very cute. I can’t describe it, but it he has the traits of a wreckless but innocent person. He needs to be protected from himself at all times. From sliding down the back of the bathtub into the bath to falling out of his chair two or more times a day.

Les has been very busy. Foley has picked up. Hopefully the Writers Guild strike will end someday soon and he will continue to get a ton of work.

My Mom is watching the kids, she seems a little burned out though. She needs a break. It is pretty much constant around here.

I promise to be writing more regularly.


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  1. Posted by sara10 on January 3, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    I told you I check this out! OK so it took a little while but now that I know you’re back at it I’ll look more often.

    It was REALLY good to talk to you and to get to read about what’s new.

    The kids sound great. Now you know I’m going to get on you about putting some pics up so we can all see them… Make you a deal, if you post some I’ll post some.

  2. Posted by abloome on January 15, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    Hey thanks for posting. It wasn’t that hard. It was good to talk to you. You always were my coolest aunt.

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