I am not going anywhere

I had to ride the train into the city yesterday which meant 2 hours of glorious reading time uninterrupted. I was reading this great book about the sabbath that was given to me by Les’ x girlfriend, of all people. It was a funny gift to get from someone that you don’t know very well. I am figuring out why she gave it to me. It is about finding time to rest when everyone around you is pushing to get stuff done.

One of the topics that the book discusses is that we run hard and fast to get somewhere in life and at the end, we never arrive. As a mother knows, you have to take care of yourself and get some rest, but it sometimes feels impossible. The book outlines some easy ways to do this that do not take much time. I guess I have to thank her for two things.

The family is good. I am trying to spend more time with the kids in the evening. Up until now, it has been a wind down time for me and they tend to watch TV. Last night we shut it off and played hide and seek for a while. It was pretty funny. Hope had hiding places all over the house, but Joey would just go stand in his closet and giggle until you found him. After that we had fun doing “yoga”. I am looking for more animal yoga poses that we can do so feel free to make suggestions.

Everybody asks for pictures of the kids, so I am uploading one. Hope and Joe

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