Good Morning, It is Friday

So today is Friday. Next week is going to be fun starting with Saturday. We are going skiing tomorrow. Hope has already decided that she is s snowboarder. I have no idea where she picked that one up, but the first time she went, she insisted on snowboarding.

Monday is Martin Luther King day and I am going to my friend Alison’s. We have tried to get together with the kids for two years now and it looks like it finally might happen.

Wednesday we have guests. Shani is coming from Israel and Jonathan is coming from California. It will be great to see both of them and to hang out. We plan to go to the Bodies Exhibition in the city. I haven’t been yet and Les has been twice. I hear it is amazing.

So it will be a busy and fun week.

This week was pretty uneventful except for two days ago when Soshie (Les’ Mom) came over and cleaned my oven. She is so funny. If she sees something that needs to be done, she will just do it and there is no stopping her. Last time she cleaned my oven, my eyes burned every time I cooked something. This time, she was cleaning the oven while watching Joey.

Well, Joey found an opportunity to dump an entire bottle of mouthwash , a bottle of shampoo and most importantly, nail polish down the bathroom sink. Who knew he would do something so outrageous. I kind of thought he was almost over getting into everything since the time that he grabbed the scissors in the bathroom and cut himself. (It was a minor cut)

I guess that we need to lock everything up again including Joey. Here is a picture of the rascal after eating candy off of the gingerbread house that Hope made. Hopefully I will have some good shots of them in the snow from this weekend.


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