Nothing like family

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. It started when our good friend Paul invited everyone to our house for a football party and didn’t tell us. I had one day to pull everything together and we had a ton of fun… until Les threw up.

Les locked him self in the bathroom and when we got him out, he was not feeling well. As it turned out, he had the flu. I was up at 4:30 with the unpleasantness and my mom got it during the middle of the next day. We all took turns lying on the couch in agony while the kids (who were fine) ran around doing whatever they wanted.

I think that was Martin Luther King day. Good thing I had it off. That Wednesday morning, Shani arrived from Israel. Thank goodness she hung out with Shoshie for the day. Shani is our niece who is almost my age. she has two children slightly younger than mine whom she left back in Israel.

Jonathan her brother and our nephew, who is my age, came in the afternoon. We had a great time taking turns hanging out with them. I took them to the bodies exhibit in the city (it will make you rethink what you are doing to your body) and we ate out allot.

While they were here, I planned a surprise birthday party for Les who turned 42. He was really surprised and because of our recent sickness, not too excited at first. But we made it until 3 in the morning listening to him play music.

Jonathan, who was leaving the next morning got the flu and spent the next day in bed which was unfortunate because we had Missy, Brian and Zack in town from Pennsylvania, Uncle Sel up from Alabama and Jonathan and Shani’s dad came from New Jersey.

Phew…. it was allot of fun and it has been hard to get back to the normal schedule without all the excitement and running around.

Here are some pictures.

Les’ Surprise Birthday Jam

It was on fire…

Les and Shani on hike

Shani and the Hudson River

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