Purple Day

Green Day

Joe has been learning his colors and he has color days at school where he is supposed to wear that color and they talk about it. My mom came up with the cute idea to make him shirts that correspond to the color. The first shirt was a purple airplane. The second was a green truck. The third was a brown shirt. It was a cute idea. We will see if he gets anymore of these.

We have been doing fun family stuff after dinner at night. Last night Hope did her valentines day cards for her classmates. The night before it was scrabble. I think that we could all brush up on our spelling/language skills. It is hard to think of words with more than four letters. Les blew us all out of the water with his triple word bonuses.

I found an excellent book for the kids on kids yoga! They really like it. It has fun animal poses and tips on doing yoga with children.

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