Friday Nights

I look forward to Friday night dinners. Selda always brings challa, salmon and chicken. Everyone is here and it feels like family time. It is also a day when I spend time working on special projects like learning new skills. Today I did Yoga and went to a Career day at the college where I am teaching to see students portfolios.

I teach class on Thursday nights and last night instead of speaking, we were treated to a lecture by Joshua Davis who does some really cool computer generated art in Flash. He was very inspiring. For some reason, I am feeling pulled in by the arts. Most of my close friends are artists and the new people that I am meeting are also in the art or entertainment world. I am not sure where this is leading me, but I feel the need to exercise my creativity.

Hope is taking piano and loving it. I think that it is really important for children to learn an instrument when they are young. She seems to be picking it up very quickly and hopefully it will improve her reading skills. Joey hasn’t really expressed any special talents other than doing the Happy Feet dance and hitting things. We will see what he ends up liking. Probably things that involve hitting stuff and balls.

Hope wrote a really cute book called the Alien ABCs. I am going to into a pdf and will be attaching it shortly. I just love that she is so creative. She is now writing a book called, My Friend’s Birthday

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