Modern Day Heros

I have been watching the last interview given by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyer. Campbell wrote about mythology, but his favorite subjuect and one that he was well known for was the Hero’s journey. His book A Hero with a Thousand Faces was a great read.

What constitutes a hero? In my opinion, it is a person who overcomes incredible obstacles to bring us something that contributes to greater good of humanity.

There have been many Heros throughout history and we have a need to find heros and believe that things are possible. The Hero and the Hero journey have evolved over time so what constitutes a hero today? Who are our heros. They seem to be people that are appreciated over time and become more powerful sometimes after their passing than they were in life. History has also made heros.

Some people that I think may or allready are Heros are: Barack Obama, Zachie Achmet (Treatment Action Campaign). I think that it will take us some time to see whether or not Barack is a hero.

Who do you think are heros today and why?

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