Upping the Ante

Great weekend, but back to 169. Why? You might ask? For one basic reason, poor eating.

Even though we went on a long bike ride and out dancing, I counter balanced that with chocolate, cheese, kids birthday pizza,  Thai food and a few drinks.

How could I have done better last week?

Here are some of the strategies I could have used to eat healthier over the weekend.

  • Eat a healthy meal BEFORE attending an event where you know the food will not be healthy.
  • Slow down alcohol consumption by alternating alcoholic drinks with water.
  • Eat less, no seconds and stick to better portion sizes.
  • Avoid over-eating and feeling stuffed!

So lessons learned from last week. I exercised every day, which was a huge accomplishment, but not effective because I over-ate. A very common mistake for dieters who start exercising. I thought since I was doing more activity, it justified letting go of the dietary restrictions and ended in weight gain and not weight loss. Hopefully, I have learned this lesson and can move on to a great week.

Focus this week is on Upping the Ante

Last week was a success in that I was able to stick to the plan of running every day and doing my separate arm, leg and core workouts once time each during the week.

This week the focus is going to be more -. I am going to double the amount of running to make sure that I am getting a full 20 minutes each day. I am also going to include a full body workout 3 times this week.

Food is so important. I am cutting back on meat and carbs which are the two highest caloric intake items on my menu. I am gong to limit meat consumption to once a day and focus on eating good carbs such as vegetables, fruits and nuts during the days. No seconds especially at dinner. Work on getting my stomach to a smaller size. Hopefully, this will put things back into action.

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