Good Morning

Here is the latest update in our lives.

Hope is attending Acting Summer camp which she seems to like allot. She has met a boy-friend there who she talks about all of the time. She is excited because he likes lizards and all the other things that she likes. They perform a dance together at camp. Very cute.

Joey is also going to camp, but I am not sure how that is going for him. He doesn’t talk about it much.

Both of the kids are taking swimming lessons. I never learned to swim growing up. There weren’t very many pools around our area and I think that it was too expensive for my parents. It is really important to me to for them to know how to swim.

My Mom is going to see my grandmother. It looks like she might be passing away. It is sad, but also a relief. It has been a long time and she is not the same person.

Les and I are doing the same old work thing. I have been really busy and have enough work for now, but there is that big “Need more work.” cloud looming for August. I have been reading The Success Principles. A really great book that talks about success in business and in life.


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